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Sites with Open Source resources, information or applications.
A BLOG with the same type of content

  • Moodle is the world's most popular Open
    Source Course Management System designed to help educators create and manage effective online learning communities, with
    rich interaction opportunities. Visit the SOS of Texas Moodle, Cornell's Moodle Documentation or Moodle's demo for more information.

  • FossWiki - Very comprehensive Freeware and Open Source Software site
    Grouped by category in alphabetical order)

  •  Connexions is a rapidly growing collection of
    free scholarly materials and a powerful set of free software
    tools to help authors publish and collaborate, instructors rapidly
    build and share custom courses and learners explore the links among concepts, courses, and disciplines.

  • Apple's open source
    projects allow developers to customize and enhance key Apple software. Through the open source model, Apple engineers
    and the open source community collaborate to create better,
    faster and more reliable products for our users.

  • The Apache Software Foundation
    provides support for the Apache community of open-source
    software projects.

  • CETIS: centre for educational
    technology interoperability standards.

  • CodeWeavers' mission is to transform Mac OS X and Linux into Windows-compatible operating systems. By doing so, they provide a bridge to help users migrate from the Windows software world to these other environments. They do this primarily by making it possible to
    use Windows software on Mac OS X and Linux.

  • What is CopyLeft?

  • COSTP - California Open
    Source Textbook Project
    has been created to address the
    high cost, content range, and consistent shortages of K-12 textbooks. See their 10th grade Social Studies prototype.

  • Creative Commons is a licensing 
    site enabling the legal sharing and reuse of cultural, educa-
    tional and scientific works.

  • Debian is a free operating system (OS)
    for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic
    programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian
    uses the Linux kernel (the core of an operating system), but
    most of the basic OS tools come from the GNU project; hence
    the name GNU/Linux.

    DeveloperWorks (IBM)
    places all the basics of open source in context to help you get started in the most wide-ranging,
    growing, and dynamic field of software development today.
    The developerWorks Open source zone is your source for how-
    to information, tools, and project updates.

  • The Open Directory Project - information.

  • Joomla, is a free, award-winning
    content management system written in PHP which is allows
    users to easily publish their content on the world wide web
    and intranets. Joomla is created as an open-source project
    where individuals and teams contribute their skills to its
    development as well as its supporting systems.

  • Open Source Projects
    @ GOOGLE
    - Google is now hosting Open Source projects...

  • Open Source
    Software /Free Software (OSS/FS) Scholarly reference site.

  •  and Open Sourcing in West
    are educational BLOG samples.

  • Equivalency: What Linux and
    Open Source applications are the same as Windows software.

  • Firefox empowers PC,
    Mac and Linux users to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser. Award-winning Firefox includes integrated pop-up blockers, tabbed browsing, live bookmarks, support for open standards, a skinnable interfaces
    and extension mechanisms for adding functionality.

  • Research solutions supporting
    Free and open source software (FOSS) for the business community.

  • The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) is an organization  that was formed to promote the use of Open Source software in Africa.

  • The Freedom Toaster is a
    project designed to provide CDs to areas where internet access
    might be difficult

  • Freshmeat maintains the Web's largest
    index of Unix and cross-platform software, themes and related "eye-candy", and Palm OS software.

  • The Free Software Foundation (FSF), established in 1985, is dedicated to promoting computer users'
    rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs and their source.

  • FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory.

  • The GIMP is a powerful GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks
    as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.

  • The education community @, an effort to
    improve  global education by empowering teachers, students
    and parents with self-paced, web based, free and open content (curriculum resources, assessment) combined with best practices
    for advancing student achievement world wide.

  • GNOME is an easy to understand Unix
    and Linux desktop suite and development platform.

  • The GNU Project was launched in 1984
    to develop a complete UNIX style operating system which is
    free software: the GNU system.

  • Open Source and Linux from HP HP has over 200 products that
    ship with open source software. From client to server to data
    center, they are developing, improving and perfecting hundreds
    of  open source applications every day.

  • EdTech Live Interviews. Steve Hargadon's library of recordings that provide good, brief introductions to different educational technologies that can be implemented in the K-12 school environment. Future of Education has more recent talks.

  • Open Source Software in Java(tm).
  • K12 Linux is a repository of several pro-
    jects using Linux as their main operating system. Once
    installed K12LTSP lets you boot diskless workstations from
    an applications server. You can use old PC's as diskless clients
    or buy low-power new ones for considerable energy savings.

  • KDE is a powerful Free Software graphical desktop environment for desktop and portable computers. It
    combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and
    outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority
    of the Unix operating system.

  • Koha is the first open-source Integrated Library System (ILS). In use worldwide, its development is
    steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to
    achieve their technology goals.

  • Knoppix is a GNU/Linux distribution
    that boots and runs completely from cd. It includes recent
    linux software and desktop environments, with programs such
    as, Abiword, The Gimp, Konqueror, Mozilla,
    Apache, PHP, MySQL and hundreds of other quality open
    source programs.

  • Konqueror is the file manager for the
    K Desktop Environment. It supports basic file management
    on local UNIX filesystems, from simple cut/copy and paste operations to advanced remote and local network file browsing.

  • The domain was registered to
    fulfill a need for information about the growing Linux move-
    ment. This web site is designed to act as a central source of
    Linux information and as a voice for the promotion and
    advocacy of the Linux operating system.

  • Loads of Linux Links.

  • Free, open-source software for Mac OS X.
  • MediaWiki is a free 
    software package originally written for Wikipedia. It provides
    the popular Wiki web page environ.

  • MERLOT - Multi-
    media Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
    puts educational innovation into practice by making available
    peer reviewed online teaching and learning materials.
  • Metadot is an open source portal software (GPL) used to create websites, intranets, extranets,
    project and community portals anyone can use.
  • The mission of the Mozilla project is to
    preserve choice and innovation on the Internet, developing the
    next generation of web browsers, e-mail software, web page
    editors and more.

  • MySQL is an attractive alternative to higher-cost, more complex database technology. Its award-
    winning speed, scalability and reliability make it the right choice
    for corporate IT departments, Web developers and packaged software vendors.
  • NASA Open Source
    distributes software in order
    to increase NASA's software quality via community peer review, accelerate software development via community contributions, maximize the
    awareness and impact of NASA research and increase
    dissemination of NASA software in support of NASA's education mission.
  • is the leading international office suite that runs on all major platforms and provides access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and XML-based file formats.

  •  Open Options is
    a place to visit when it is time to make decisions about Open
    Source Software.
  • Open Source advocacy in
    Peru - a must read article containing a rebuttal to Microsoft's
    fallacious arguments used against open source software in the

  • OpenSourceCMS gives you
    the opportunity to "try out" some of the best php/mysql based
    free and open source software systems in the world.

  • (Stable Open Source apps) Open Source and
    Linux News & Software.
  • Open Source FLASH is a watering hole for
    open source Flash developers and users to meet, talk about
    and contribute to new and existing open source projects for
    the flash platform.
  •  Open Source for Windows is
    an extensive site providing Windows-compatible software by categories: Audio Editing Tools, Business Software, CAD...
  • OSWD - Open Source Web Design is a
    to download free web designs and share yours with others.
    Their motto: "We help make the internet a prettier place".
  • Dev Shed is an Open Source Web Development site with a comprehensive set of pertinent
    articles and forums.

  • The Open Source Software
    Institute (OSSI) is a non-profit organization comprised of
    corporate, government and academic representatives whose
    mission is to promote the development and implementation
    of open-source software solutions within U.S. federal, state
    and municipal government agencies and academic entities.

  • Perl is a stable, cross platform program-
    ming language. It is used for mission critical projects in the
    public and private sectors and is widely used to program web applications of all needs.

  • PHP is a widely-used general-purpose
    scripting language that is especially suited for Web development
    and can be embedded into HTML.

  • PLONE is a popular Content Managment
    System web application that
    is designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and, well, manage a website.
    Plone is the backbone of Connexions.

  • PostgreSQL is a highly-scalable,
    SQL compliant, open source object-relational database manage-
    ment system.

  • Samba is an Open Source /Free Software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Samba is freely available under the GNU
    General Public License.

  • SeaMonkey is a Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editor made simple -- all your Internet needs
    in one application.

  • The Developer Central portal to all SGI
    Open Source material. Wanderers, seekers, and developers
    are offered this gateway to Open Source technical content and
    advice, libraries of downloadable software, contribution points,
    email lists, and links to the Open Source community.

  • SOS - Strategic Open
    Source of Texas'
    mission is to build and activate a community
    of educators who promote and support opportunities for technological advancement and a broader educational
    foundation that Open Source software solutions bring to K-16 education.

  • Special Education -
    Free Resources from the Net.

  •  State of Texas Open Source - Standards Review and Recommendation Publication (search).

  • The Tigris Mission: Promoting Open
    Source Software Engineering.

  • is the world's largest
    Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on
    the Internet.

  • Open Source Software Announce-
    ment & Retrieval.

  • Free Software Foundation Europe.

  • SPI is a non-profit organization which
    was founded to help organizations develop and distribute open hardware and software.

  • If the one thing stopping you
    from making the transition to Linux is the need to run
    "essential" Windows-based applications then you do not need
    to wait any longer Win4Lin has just solved your problem.

  • Wine provides both a development
    toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a
    program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs
    to run on x86-based Unixes, including Linux, FreeBSD, and

  • The XFree86 Project, Inc is a global volunteer organisation which produces XFree86, a freely redistributable open-source implementation of the X Window
    System . XFree86 runs primarily on UNIX® and UNIX-like
    operating systems like Linux, all of the BSD variants, Sun
    Solaris both native 32 and 64 bit support, Solaris x86, Mac OSX
    (via Darwin), SGI's Irix as well as other platforms like OS/2
    and Cygwin.

  • The natural complement to W3C specifications is running code. Implementation and testing is
    an essential part of specification development and releasing
    the code promotes exchange of ideas in the developer
    community. Browse all W3C software -it's Open Source/
    Free Software, and GPL compatible.
  •   WebGUI is an Open
    Source  content management platform built to give average
    business users the ability to build and maintain complex web
    sites. It is modular, pluggable, and platform independent. It
    is designed to keep the management of content in the hands
    of those who create content.

  • VLC Media Player is a free cross
    platform (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, more) that supports
    a large number of multimedia formats and can even be used
    as a streaming server.

  • Open source or open-source software (OSS) is any computer software
    distributed under a license which allows users to change
    and/or share the software freely. Many programs use a
    specific license agreement satisfying the Open Source

  • Open Source Initiative (OSI).

  • Wikipedia's List of Open Source Software

  • Free and open-source
    software for Windows.

  • Why should open
    source software be used in schools?