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The Texas Open Source Software (TOSS) Foundation

Please direct all your inquiries to: or fax them to: TOSSFoundation (915) 595-4303

Grant Guidelines

The Foundation's ultimate goal is the dissemination of Open Source Software to Texas students in particular and the public at large in general. For this purpose, TOSSFoundation will provide or assist in providing the means necessary to achieve this goal. The Foundation will provide software, hardware and technical support to this end. Requests from individual students and educational organizations will be considered priorities, followed by youth organizations. Public and private non-educational organizations and the general public will have a secondary degree of priority, although the Foundation hopes to be able to fulfill all requests.

PDF files with sample requests and blank forms appear elsewhere on this site.

Roles of the Foundation

The Foundation serves as a grantmaker, providing funding or resources to new, existing or expanding projects. The Foundation may also serve as a convener, bringing people together for the purpose of encouraging discourse, knowledge sharing or generating new ideas specifically related to the Foundation's priority interests.

Discrimination Policy

The Foundation does not discriminate, nor will it support organizations that discriminate on any basis including age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, national origin, political affiliation, or religious belief.


The Foundation will prioritize requests from the state of Texas for distribution of resources via postal carrier, but is open to all WWW users via the Internet. Access and some restrictions will be in place to insure the integrity of the software the Foundations makes available to it's users.

Size of Grants
Grants made by the Foundation usually range from $100 to $1000 (or higher if funds are matched 1:1), and are generally in kind (Software, Hardware, CDs, etc.)

Term of Grants
Grants are made for one year. A grantee may reapply for additional support at the end of the grant period if the Foundation has received a final report on the use of funds and results of the project.

Types of Requests Not Eligible for Funding
Requests for the following are not considered: funding of general operating support, new construction, or endowments; fundraising or recognition events; national organizations or local affiliates of national organizations (except programs developed at the local level that are specific to local needs)